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About Zane

Zane Bokmeldere is the owner of Zane'sFit4Life Personal Training and Elevate3 Online Coaching Program.
She works as a self-employed 121 Personal Trainer in the beautiful Cotswolds village of Oaksey - an ideal place to keep sessions exclusive.

Zane also runs a successful online Premium Personal Transformation Program Elevate3, and an online subscription training plan service Train With Zane, helping women in multiple and personalized ways to achieve and sustain the body they have always wanted using proven methods she has developed over the 12 years of her experience in the field of women's health, fitness, fat loss and weight management.  

In  Zane's words



Hi, I am Zane.


I am one of those coaches who doesn’t quite fit under any category. 

I am not anti-dieting, nor do I fit the ‘’grind-hard or go home’’ group. I am very much so about being happy and grateful for every given day and opportunity to be your best with what we got and in any given circumstances.


Wishing for happiness or approach life with ''when I lose so and so weight...I will be happy'' or ''when I earn X amount...I will be happy...'' is never going to make you happy. We need to be happy on purpose on every given day, as that is all we have. 


I am an Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 4 Evidence-Based Nutrition Coach and very much so combine it with mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude and behaviour change to support my client’s goals and needs. I have worked with 100’s of women and help them transform not just their bodies, but most of all their mindset for successful and lasting results to a fitter and stronger body and happier life.


I absolutely love what I do. My client's success is my passion and I will apply the bespoke approach to get the best out of them, be it via personal training sessions, nutritional coaching and consultations or on the GET FIT Membership platform. 


I work with women who want to stop endless cycles of fad dieting and regaining weight and finally put end to chronic dieting. 


I work with clients who want to improve their health, performance, body composition/ shape and feel happier, empowered and stronger in their body and mind.


I help women who struggle to understand what they need on a personal level to achieve the results they are looking for, especially when it comes to fat loss and lean muscle gain during perimenopause, menopause and menstrual cycle, as so many women struggle with PMS, PCOS etc, an need the right advice. 


I educate my clients about their physiology and how to work with it at all ages, especially  (35+ up to 65), and not against it and achieve the results they desire and how to maintain them, which so many fail at due to lack of understanding their own physiology, the menstrual cycle, nutritional needs to fuel their body and workouts, not deprive themselves, undereat or overindulge; training intensity and volume, form and execution to stop wasting time with their sessions, but make them count, and the importance of recovery and rest, that so many underestimate and find hard to manage in the modern world of busy women. 


Many women believe that you can’t have aesthetic or body composition goals alongside a focus on health, but I firmly believe that there is a time and a place for all and in fact, they can be a very good match when done with the right guidance, and I have proved over and over again through work with my clients and their results, that that is possible, as long the required work is put in. 


I help women to improve their body composition and health, but also to improve their mindset surrounding food, helping them to stop using food as mental control. I help and educate so they can make nutritional choices, a lot of which are based on developing mindful eating practises through developing daily habits and mindfulness tasks.  


All the work I do with my clients is with focus on self-compassion and autonomy, and I use evidence-based methods to develop this such that women learn to treat themselves and their bodies with respect, regardless of their goals. I will challenge them to do some self-development work to be stronger in mind, body and feel empowered to start winning in life.


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