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Premium Online One to One Coaching 

''Re-establish your relationship with food, break away from old habits and take a new, holistic approach to your nutrition, health and body composition.''

I work with clients who want to improve their relationship with food, women who want to stop endless cycles of dieting and regaining weight and put end to chronic dieting. 


I work with clients who want to improve their health, self-compassion, body image and body composition. Many people believe that you can’t have aesthetic goals alongside a focus on health, but I firmly believe that there is a time and a place for all.


As an Evidence-Based Nutrition Coach, I use scientifically supported methods of nutritional programming (calories, macros and other programming techniques) to support your specific goals and values. Alongside this, you will be supported with evidence-based methods that support your mindset, such as self-compassion and gratitude. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. You deserve to nurture it. 


''Your mindset is what dictates your desire and ability to eat for your health goals – it cannot be ignored.''

We will work as a team all the way through, and I will provide you with the right tools at the right time, shifting your focus, to get you to the place where exercise and movement is fun and something you enjoy instead of being it a chore or associated with only to burn calories or as punishment for what you ate.


We will work together to get you to the place where eating healthy feels good, both physically and psychologically, ultimately resulting in satisfying experience, instead of feeling anxious around food and at any social events, overthinking what you are eating and what food will or not do to your body.


''Rebuild trust with yourself with food – know how much, what and when to eat.''

My ultimate goal with each client is to achieve autonomy and freedom and joy to move, workout and most of all enjoy life and food to its fullest with no feeling of guilt and deprivation whatever the goal, which is caused by restrictive chronic dieting trap and punishing workouts or type of exercises you hate. 


If all above sound like something you may need help with, and you are ready to invest in yourself, then this Premium Online Coaching is exactly what you need:

Premium Online Nutrition and Training Coaching Service:


Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset analysis & support 
Customised nutrition and sample meal plan 

Mindful eating development 

Weekly habits and goal setting 

Goal-specific training plan 

Contact and Support:

Weekly check-ins and updates 

WhatsApp support Mondays to Friday 9am-5pm

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