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Who is it for?

  • Women who are looking for a training program delivered automatically every month to their personal fitness app.

  • Women looking for structure through monthly workout plans and form checks.

  • Women looking for accountability and guidance on their lifts with regular feedback.

  • Women who are at intermediate and advanced levels in weight training.

  • Women who want to be strong, improve body shape and composition, and feel and look amazing in their 40s and beyond.

  • Women who are looking for nutritional guidance that is simple and gives them autonomy. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. What equipment will I need:

For the gym version workouts, Zane recommends access to a commercial gym or a well-equipped home gym. To make full use of the program includes a variety of dumbbells, barbell(s), plates, adjustable bench, continuous loop resistance bands, and mini-bands. For the home version, Zane recommends a lighter and heavier pair of dumbbells, long resistance bands, and mini-bands. 

2. Can I do workouts from home only?

Yes, Zane supplies now program for home and gym workouts and you will have access to both included in your subscription (you just need to request that in the Facebook group to get access)

3. How many days of workouts are in the program?

 The program includes 3 primary strength training workouts per week depending on phase and splits. These workouts are updated every month. The program is based on principles of Zane's most popular program Fit In 3, for busy professional women who love to lift weights.

4. What are the workout splits?

 There are usually either 3 full-body days or 1 full-body, 1 upper and 1 lower-body days per week. Occasionally Zane adds a bonus day which can be optional. 

5. Are there cardio workouts?

No, these are not provided, but the program is built in a way so you can fit these in, as well as other classes such as yoga or pilates which is what Zane recommends (if it is your jam) to compliment weight training and support weight management. 



Workout plan for home/ gym options to 
get fitter, improve body composition, shed body fat and increase your energy levels and strength.
All on a fitness app for easy access and demo videos.  




Nutrition guides, and recipes to make your weight management easy and sustainable. 

Strategies and self-learn resources to build a stronger mindset, eat healthier, and build a stronger and more toned body.



A private group to connect with Zane and other members. Share your wins and struggles, get support daily by posting your questions and form check videos, and all self-learn resources in PDFs.

''ZANE'SFIT4LIFE MEMBERSHIP is something I wish I had when I stopped bikini fitness competitions and lost my motivation and drive. I needed structure and I needed support and goals to work towards on a monthly basis to stay in the weight training game, beyond aesthetic goals. This is why I created this membership, to help women never lose love for weight training and get consistent results that will carry them through their perimenopausal years (when the time comes) and beyond!''

Wendy Brazier, UK

''I started training with Zane 5 years ago, and started off doing one to one P/T, I had zero confidence in the gym and no idea what I needed to do, but in those 4 years I have learned so much. 

I gained confidence, felt happy and comfortable in the gym, understood my body, and craved to learn more and grow strong. 


When Zane started ZF4LM it made sense for me to give it a go, I had the knowledge, I knew the app, loved Zane's way of training and with new programs each month, my learning continues! There are videos if you need them and of course I can log everything from my weights to my reps, which enables me to always improve. The day before we get our new program is like Christmas for me, I love it!!! 


I’m accountable for my own fitness and continue to learn, and push myself all with the support of Zane and the rest of our little community!''

Sally O'Brien, UK

"I have been training with Zane for just over 2 months and absolutely love it.  

The app gives me confidence in the knowledge that I am training specific areas of my body with the right exercises and also gives me confidence that I am doing the exercises correctly with the tutorial videos.

I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back since joining ZF4LM and look forward to going to the gym knowing I have a structured workout to follow.

Thanks Zane"

Mandy Harrison, UK

“I started training with Zane just under a year ago now initially doing face to face PT three times a week. I had reached a point in my life where I had lost complete motivation, had almost no body confidence, and was just a bit lost. I didn’t like what I ‘saw in the mirror’ so to speak. This is when I made the conscious decision to do something about it. Training with Zane reignited my motivation. Everything we talked about made sense. How she trained me made sense. There was never any judgment or pressure. She educated me on what foods to focus on and explained why strength training was so important particularly as you get that bit older (that’s me 😉). After a few months, I had the confidence and motivation to sign up for ZF4LM and have honestly never looked back. I am as motivated now as I was nearly a year ago. I’m seeing the results of my hard work and can’t thank Zane enough for putting me on the right track and keeping me motivated enough to stay there. I love the new programs each month. They push me to be the best I can be and I feel very proud of what I’ve achieved. Thank you again Zane you’re an inspiration''

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